Travel Associate - Course Outline

Section 1 - Introduction to the Travel Industry

This section examines the major segments of the travel industry as it applies to destination geography and how the characteristics of these destinations  influence travel. 

Section 2 - Domestic and International Travel

It is important to understand how airlines differ, including the types of flights and classes of service offered. This section discusses the roles of FAA, NTBS and TSA and passenger rights and responsibilities.  

Section 3 - Ground Transportation and Accommodations

Since 90% of American trips include some form of ground transportation, it is important to look at the influence of rail services, car rentals and motor coach transportation in the US and Europe.  This sections will discuss the major trends in accommodations help describe some key market segments

Section 3 - Supplement Amtrak Vacations *NEW

This study guide will introduce you to Amtrak Vacations. Travel by rail opens up travel vacations for your client.

Section 4 - Planning and Selling Cruises and Tours

This section introduces the key types of cruise lines, popular  cruising areas and the factors and benefits used to sell a cruise.  The key components of a tour, the tour contract and the features and benefits used to sell a land vacation will be discussed.

Section 4 - Supplement: Cruising and Cruise Ships *NEW

This supplement profiles ocean-going cruise ships,  outlines the cruise experience and provides techniques for choosing the right cruise for a client.  

Section 5 - Group Tour Planning

The assignment for this section will require the student to research and plan a 14 day tour for two different types of groups.  

Section 6 -  Sales

This section identifies the eight steps in making a successful sale and developing a foundation for effective communication with the client.

Section 7 - Retail Agency Operations

The economics of a retail travel agency and examines policy and procedures for a typical retail agency are discussed in this section.

Section 8 - GDS Computer Training

This section will provide you with 40 hours of GDS Computer Training covering air reservations, air fares & ticketing, hotels and car rentals.  (Choice of one system: SABRE, Apollo or Amadeus.)

Section 9 - Business Plans

The basic criteria of a business plan for a home based travel agency is discussed outlining  your expectations and level of income. 

Section 10 - Understanding a Home Based Travel Business

Establishing your business name, obtaining the proper licenses, opening bank accounts and organizing your office are topics covered in this section.

Section 11 - Legalities of a Home Based Agency

Sole Proprietor vs. LLC, E&O and travel insurance, credit card sales and tax benefits are important issues discussed in this section.

Section 12 - Marketing Your Home Based Agency

A marketing plan is nothing more than deciding when and where you will be marketing while staying within your budget.  This section will help you define your marketing efforts on a weekly basis.

Section 13 - Selling and Customer Service

This sections concludes the program by helping a new agent develop sales techniques and level of customer service that they want to provide to clients.

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