Success Stories

Dear Nancy -

Thank you! It was a pleasure to work through the curriculum and interact with you and your staff. I appreciate your feedback and guidance along the way. Thanks for a great experience as I venture into a new industry that I'm passionate about. 

Adina Barne, KS  

Career Quest - 

I just want to say thank you for this class.  I have been in several MLM business, and have never been asked or was it brought up about a business plan or marketing plan.  This makes you think.  Even my accounting classes it was never talked about this.  Again Thank You.  I am sure this will help me in my next journey.

Michele Reynolds, CO

Dear Nancy, 

You and your staff were so helpful throughout my training. I am honored to be a graduate of Career Quest! I will keep in touch. I'm so excited! Just spoke with my host and I start their booking engine training today! Thanks again!

Leah A. Stagn, OH

Ok Miss Nancy 

I learned so much and enjoyed every minute of it and will continue to take more courses to further my education for my travel business success. 

Becky Co, TX

Dear Mrs. Kist,

I have sincerely enjoyed the time that I have spent with you . Given your very busy schedule, I know that it was not always easy or convenient for you to get back with me as quickly as possible, and yet you gave so very generously of your time, knowledge and patience. As a result of your knowledge and guidance, I have a much deeper understanding of the Travel Industry. I have learned so much from you that it is difficult to put into words how grateful I have been for your help. Everything that I have learned from you has helped me create a successful Travel Career. 

Carmen Laurent Salas Marchett, TX 


Having been a business owner in the hospitality industry for the last 22 years, I appreciated your training which made me stop and think about our current business.  Sometimes you take for granted when you have been in business that many years and need to stop and evaluate what you are doing.

Amy Smith, NY

Hi Nancy,

I really appreciate all this very valuable information and I really feel this will give me a huge advantage in my career and life. I think it was exactly what everyone needs to know about travel counseling and right to the point too. I also love having these great books handy in case I would like to peruse the information again anytime.

Brandy Douglass, NC

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