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Today begins a journey I've been looking forward to for over a year. If you're interested or have clients interested in the Viking Heart of Germany tour, or as I refer to it - the Christmas markets tour, you have to reserve early because it sells out fast. We left Chicago on Wednesday late afternoon and arrived in Frankfurt, Germany around 7:30 a.m. Thursday local time. If you or your clients have mobility issues here's a warning...Frankfurt has the third largest airport in Germany. Be prepared to walk. According to the Fitbit, our gate was a mile and from Customs and baggage was another half mile from there. Getting our luggage was the easy. Absolutely no problems. 

Once we had our luggage, we placed our red Viking stickers on our jackets and left the area to meet our guides. Then we found out even more walking awaited us. Viking's buses do not pick you up at the terminal/baggage area. We had to walk about another mile to the bus toting our own luggage. I did travel with my elderly aunt and this was not an easy task for her. There were other elderly travelers also have difficulty navigating the airport and the walk to the bus. I highly suggest you notify Viking beforehand if you will need assistance. Because they are on tight schedules, the guides move very quickly. 

After everyone had boarded the bus, we began the ride to meet the ship. The ride normally takes a half hour, but there was an accident, so we arrived roughly an hour later. Check in with Viking was a breeze. The rooms would not be ready until 3, so we decided to go explore Frankfurt's Christmas market located just across the street from the ship.  

Amazing is an understatement when it comes to describing the market. Read more and see more tomorrow! 

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